Social Media in Your Community

Post responsibly: How to avoid legal risks and negative effects on social media in your community by Kiara Candelaria | CAI, May 14, 2019   Social media tools are a great way for community associations to increase engagement with their residents, but they can leave communities vulnerable to potential legal risks if managed inappropriately. Adopting […]


Ken Bertolucci, CMCA   Sometimes it seems that homeowners think community association managers have superpowers. They are all-knowing, have x-ray vision, and are able to resolve all matters with a simple decree. But when you’re actually in the trenches of your job, you know superpowers aren’t exactly part of the package. Misunderstandings about the responsibilities […]

Jerry Springer is NOT on the Agenda

Ken Bertolucci, CMCA   The scene was tense, with shouting, threats, and concerns about objects being thrown. Despite repeated pleas for quiet, anger and tension hung over the room. Menacing faces glared at the speaker in front at the head table. Is this a description of the latest episode of the Jerry Springer Show? No, […]

Quorums, Proxies, and the Mysteries of Annual Meetings

For those unfamiliar with basics of conducting annual meetings, there are some key terms to know: A Quorum is the minimum number of owners who must be at a meeting before business can be transacted. State law sets the minimum percentage of owners that must attend in person or by Proxy (more on that later). […]

We don’t want to be your Vendor

“If you are only looking for the lowest price, we are probably not the right choice for you.” Without trying to sound arrogant or elitist, I have made this statement many times to prospective customers. While we may indeed end up having a lower price depending on who is the current provider and the other […]

How to be a Good Neighbor

In a community association, you live in much closer proximity to your neighbors than in a neighborhood of single family homes. With shared resources such as hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms and recreation facilities, a little consideration goes a long way. Read the following tips from and NS Management on how to be a good neighbor beyond […]

Tired Board? Let the Experts Help

By: Ken Bertolucci, CMCA When we ask Boards of Directors at self-managed Community Associations about their reasons for making a switch to professional management there is remarkable similarity to their replies. They fall into three basic categories: The Board is tired. Since board members usually live on the property they are often stopped while coming […]

6 Ways to Change the Attitude of Apathy in Your Community

It seems like apathy is a very common theme that revolves around community association boards. Even in small amounts, it can easily affect even the best functioning communities. However, it’s important to keep in mind that most of the people involved in your community inherently care. The only thing to remember is that it is […]