Desperately Seeking Conflict

Ken Bertolucci, CMCA   If you interact with 20 people in a business day, 19 may be pleasant encounters. But if just one is extremely disagreeable, that interaction will probably stick in your mind. You may replay it over and over throughout the day, while you think of the clever replies you wish you had said at the time. At worst, the encounter may gnaw on you after working hours and even disturb your sleep. It’s fair to say that you have allowed that person to take up space in your mind. And as a Community Association Manager, it should disturb you even more that they’re not even paying a fee for the precious real estate in your head. The High Conflict Personality When I started as a new CMCA dealing with homeowner issues, I was surprised to discover that some people didn’t seem to want a peaceful resolution. Instead, they appeared to enjoy conflict and try to increase or prolong it. Any attempt to bring the matter to a close brought resistance and caused them to raise new issues. Bill Eddy, a licensed professional as both a therapist and attorney, observed this phenomenon when dealing with such individuals in workplace or family disputes. He…Read more

Understanding the Role of a Community Association Manager

There are a lot of moving parts in a community. There are the obvious ones, such as homeowners, their families and the association board, and then there are the roles that might be a little misunderstood. One of those roles is the association (or community) manager. At NS Management, we thought our residents would like to know a little bit more about what we do – and don’t do. An association manager has two main objectives. First, they ensure that the policies that are put in place by the board are carried out. Second, they manage the day-to-day operations in the community, including oversight of contractors, assessment collection, bill payment, and other association services. Sometimes homeowners request involvement by association managers in matters they do not handle because they don’t know the proper responsibilities. Here is a quick summary:   -Association managers are specially trained to address issues involving violation of association rules. We do not handle personal problems you are having with your neighbors unless they are violating a rule. Criminal activity should always be reported to the local police. -Association managers are not members of the board, only advisors. They do not have the capacity to directly represent your concerns or override board…Read more