In a community association, you live in much closer proximity to your neighbors than in a neighborhood of single-family homes. With shared resources such as hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms, and recreation facilities, a little consideration goes a long way. Read the following tips from and NS Management on how to be a good neighbor beyond just a smile and a wave.

-Welcome any new neighbors with a personal note or pop by for a personal introduction.

-If you have a large party, invite your neighbors to join in the fun, consider them when directing your guests where to park, and end the party at a reasonable hour.

-Be mindful of noise—loud music, barking dogs, power tools—that may disrupt the neighborhood beyond a reasonable hour.

-Loud hallway conversations can be heard by your neighbors. Please be mindful when coming and going, especially after hours.

-Do not place any personal belongings in the common areas shared by all residents.

-Respect your neighbor’s privacy.

-Make sure that the visible areas of your unit are well kept and comply with your association’s declaration, bylaws, and rules.

-Return anything you borrow from your neighbor promptly, in the same condition they lent it to you, and express your thanks.

-Offer to take care of mail pick-up, plants, or pets while your neighbor is on vacation.

-Replace anything of your neighbor’s that you, your children, or your pets break or soil.

-Be social! Inviting a neighbor over for coffee and conversation can promote open communication and a friendly neighborhood environment from which all neighbors can benefit.

Visit and for other helpful advice on community association living.

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